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Laurie Speaks

We search outside ourselves for freedom. Laurie shows ambitious crowds the inner passage to total freedom and success.

Recommended Products and Programs

I recommend these programs and products because I use them. I love them. They are exceptional. Some of these items contain affiliate links. Know that I would never recommend anything I didn’t use and believe in. That being said, please choose what you feel is best for you, as only you know best. Enjoy.


KC-baker-round “Laurie Erdman . . . is emerging as one of the most potent thought leaders making a stand for people to live lives rooted in well being, so that they can make major contributions in this world. Audiences love her. People are left touched and inspired after experiencing her. As a speaker, she delivers — big time.” —KC Baker, Founder, The Women’s Thought Leadership Society

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Laurie Erdman in the media

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