Freedom-Friday.016Personal musings on igniting your life from the inside out and the top down.

You struggle to change. To lose the weight. To be funnier. To be quieter. To be smarter. To make more money. To be happy.

Your life is defined by the pursuit of more, better, different.

Your life is composed of continuous effort to change.

Change is fleeting.


Change is hard. Change requires will power. Change cheats you at any chance.

Transformation is where miracles happen.


Transform into who you are. Remove the shell. Reveal to the world who you are.

Yes, it’s scary. Yet . . .

Is the butterfly scared as it sheds its cocoon?

We don’t know. There is no comfort in that question.

There is only comfort in moving through the fear of revealing your true self to the world.

Transform and show us who you are.

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