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But time is limited. I can’t do that. It’s not my job. I have too many other things to do.

How else do you limit the possibilities in your life? I can’t. I won’t. No. Yes, but.

These answers all limit your possibilities for happiness, health and success.

Remember a few weeks ago, I wrote to you about the importance of language? Well here we go again. Your language matters.

Why are entrepreneurs from Andrew Carnegie and J.P. Morgan to Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos successful? They watch their words.

Words extinguish possibility, innovation, and success.


Yes but and all the other go to responses do not create possibilities; they narrow your possibilities to one. Two max.

No, while a wonderful word to use when you’re overbooked and your self-care has left the building, eliminates ALL possibilities. Sure you have a deadline at 4pm today. You also have a friend in need that wants to have lunch with you. When you say know no to lunch, you drive a stake through the heart of possibility. You make the way for guilt, stress and maybe a side dish of shame to play a tune on your heart.

What’s possible here? What can you create with a simple turn of phrase: yes, and.

Ah, do you feel the relief? Do feel the energy flowing again? Do you see the possibilities?

Words create possibility, innovation and success.


Imagine if Thomas Edison had said I can’t when he failed at the 20th light bulb prototype. You’d be sitting in the dark. Instead, he moved on to the next possibility. This is how innovation and growth happens. Seeing the possibilities.

Your future is in your hands. It starts with creating space for possibilities. From there, the world is, as they say, your oyster.

What will you be open to today?

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