With spring often comes what I like to refer to as the “urge to purge,” or what is more affectionately referred to as “spring cleaning.” Personally speaking, I’ve already scheduled a yard sale for later this month to get rid of many things that I no longer need to make room for new things!

But spring cleaning doesn’t just have to be about getting rid of physical clutter – what about financial clutter? How do you start to de-clutter your financial life?

When I talk with people about their biggest money concern, it typically is around the fact that finances feels like such a BIG topic and they don’t even know where to start addressing the challenge. They feel reactive to anything and everything financial in their life and they feel financially overwhelmed by it all. What if just by asking yourself a few questions you could get started on being more financially proactive and empowered? 

Here are a few questions that I ask my clients to help them start to decrease the amount of financial clutter (and correspondingly increase the amount of energy) in their lives:

1)    Do you have financial clutter in your mind?

Financial clutter isn’t just stuff that you can physically see. It can also show up in how you think about money.  When it comes to money, what does your energy feel like? Is it full of upset, resentment, anger, guilt, fear or tightness or is it full of happiness, gratitude, positivity and abundance? Most people I meet live a life where their energy and attitudes about money aren’t all that helpful (i.e. guilt, fear, etc.) instead of living a life where they have more positive attitudes about money. The Law of Attraction essentially says that you’ll attract more of whatever you’re currently feeling – so if you’re feeling negatively about money you’ll get more of that and if you’re feeling positively about money you’ll get more of that. Which would you rather feel right now? Decide to think (and act) positively regarding money and you’ll likely see improvements in your financial life pretty quickly.

2)    Do you have financial clutter in your day-to-day living?

Day-to-day financial clutter takes many forms such as bills and receipt clutter, loose money or change, or my personal favorite, “Ugly Wallet Syndrome.” You know, where you can barely close your wallet there’s so much jammed in it?!? If you’ve got financial receipts and change all over the place, how much respect are you showing your money? Pick yourself up a clean new wallet or a small zip-top bag to keep your receipts organized, and you’re well on your way to cutting through this type of physical clutter. And once the physical clutter is gone, space has been created for higher levels of energy as well as abundant opportunities to arrive…because as we all know, the Universe abhors a vacuum and will work to fill it as swiftly as possible!

3)    Do you have financial clutter in your personal relationships?

Ask yourself does anyone owe you money that you haven’t followed up on in a while? Do you have any uncomfortable situations regarding someone else around money (hint: most people do)? Many people are afraid to confront financial situations such as this because it has the potential to create conflict with loved ones.  However, if you don’t take the step to empower yourself and be proactive, you’re potentially sending the message that money doesn’t matter to you (even if it does). And in reality, it’s likely also true that in relationships where money has an uncomfortable place you are not showing up as 100% honest either and this can take a toll on the foundation of your relationships, which is a hefty price to pay.

If you ask yourselves these questions, and are honest about the answers, it’s highly likely that you’ll be able to quickly and easily create a list of things that you can do to begin cleaning up your finances. And when you begin down the path to cleaning up your financial clutter, it will open doors to new opportunities as well as increased energy and efficiency since the clutter will no longer slow you down (energetically or physically).

Quite obviously, the answers from the questions above aren’t everything that you will need to do in order to systematically simplify your financial life. However, these are the questions that I ask of my clients so that they can get a solid start in understanding their financial opportunities and challenges and begin to get into action in clearing up their financial energy. Once you’ve begun to clear away the financial clutter, you can then begin to focus on managing the inflow and outflow of your money proactively without concern for how financial clutter might hold you back.

So where can you begin today to remove the financial clutter that may be holding you back from being powerful with your money?

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