Exiting the Hamster Wheel

A Practical Guide To Igniting Your Life With Total Freedom

Exiting the Hamster Wheel is my break out book twenty years in the making. Part memoir, part how-to, Exiting the Hamster Wheel is a fun and practical guide for those who aspire to make the world a better place, or simply live fully, without overwhelm, burn out and overwork. Striking an entertaining balance of research, story-telling and hands-on exercises, I will guide you through your own stress-free transformation. Inspired by my own and other’s desire for a no-nonsense guide to escaping stress, overcoming burnout, you’ll learn the best practices and methods I’ve used and taught so you can enjoy a stress-free life.

Exiting The Hamster Wheel is an empowering journey, over 12 chapters, where we will co-create your Total Freedom; no area of your life will be untouched. You will transform your relationship with money so it no longer motivates your drive to overwork. I’ll show you how you can make any relationship a source of love and support. Since your body takes the brunt of stress, I’ll guide you through a health reviving process that will give you more energy and greater focus without complicated potions or gym time.

Since work is the number source of our stress, I will provide you the tools to love and thrive in your job. Exiting The Hamster Wheel is a must read for anyone tired of the grind and ready to ignite their life.

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