There’s an amazing conversation going on in our world about how to create, attract, and invite abundance into our lives – are you a part of it?

Sadly, my experience as a financial coach tells me that most people want abundance in their lives, yet they are not in the place financially to powerfully attract abundance in the most optimal way.

What I see is this – there’s a financial energy continuum that spans from scarcity, to sufficiency, to abundance. At the scarcity point of the continuum, the financial energy is hectic and chaotic which tends to come from feelings of “not enough,” people feeling confused by money, and a general sense of financial disorganization. At the sufficiency point, the energy is more stabilized, with a sense of ease about having enough resources to live life peacefully with what you need and a healthy level of financial knowledge and organization. And at the abundance point, you’re attracting amazing things into your life.

In order to powerfully attract abundance, however, most people get to focus on shifting from scarcity to sufficiency first. In essence, I’ve found that creating abundance is much easier when you can stand on a strong financial foundation that demonstrates your ability to steward your money well. When you come from this powerful place, the Universe recognizes that you can be trusted with more money and resources, and the abundance (financial and otherwise) begins to show up.

Unfortunately, for the 70% of people who live paycheck to paycheck, they end up more toward the scarcity point of the continuum as they are often worried about getting by day-to-day. So what can you do if you’re one of the many millions of people who want to make a conscious energetic shift out of scarcity and toward sufficiency so that at some point in the near future you can stand powerfully in a place to invite abundance into your life?

The answer: focus on your financial health. Understand what financial health means and who the professionals are who can support you in understanding financial health, begin to get educated, and complete a self-assessment of your own financial health.

In the interest of supporting people to begin understanding the concept of financial health and getting some support, I created what I like to call “The Financial Health Spectrum™” which includes the 3 phases of Build, Protect, and Grow your financial assets. These 3 phases reflect different levels of financial health, and while none of the phases are “bad” there is an increasing level of financial health as you move from the “Build” phase through to the “Grow” phase. I encourage people to take a few minutes to assess where they fall on this spectrum so that they can properly identify which financial expert can help them with their goals and with improving their level of financial health.

In order to help you determine where you might fall on the Financial Health Spectrum™, let me explain each phase a bit further along with the respective professionals that you might want to connect with:

1) Build phase – This phase is typically where the 70% of people living paycheck to paycheck who are feeling out of control when it comes to their finances will land. When building your financial assets, you’ll be looking to do such things as establish a budget (or what I like to call a “savings and spending plan” because budget is such a restrictive word), develop more proactive money management skills, get out of debt, and save more money. To me, this phase is about improving your financial stability and strengthening and repairing your financial foundation so that in the future you can grow your financial assets. In this phase, you might look to work with someone who can help you increase your income, decrease your expenses, or perhaps both! This is the phase where I work with my clients, and some other colleagues who can help you in this phase include CPAs, money mindset coaches (to help you understand if you have money beliefs that are holding you back in some way), and salary negotiation coaches (so that you can maximize your earnings).

2) Protect phase – This phase is generally exemplified by wanting to either insure assets (property and casualty insurance, life insurance, health insurance, disability insurance, or long-term care insurance) or planning to have your wishes known about what to do with your assets in case anything happens to you. Experts in this phase include licensed insurance professionals who can help you determine the right type and amount of insurance that you need and estate planning attorneys who can help you with drafting all necessary legal documents (i.e. wills, trusts, etc.)

3) Grow phase – At the end of the spectrum, once you’ve strengthened your financial foundation and protected the financial assets that you do have, you’ll also want to think about putting your money to work for you and growing it through investments and other financial vehicles (i.e. annuities, etc.). The financial professional you’ll want to consider in this phase is a financial advisor or financial planner who will take the time to understand your goals and design a plan customized just for you to grow your money over time to achieve those goals. This is where abundance can be intentionally created!

Understanding these phases presents you with an opportunity to recognize where you’re at right now and determine the next steps that you’d like to take for yourselves to improve your financial health. I encourage people to think about moving along the spectrum as a longer-term process since strengthening your financial foundation and building financial independence is often a multi-faceted journey that takes place over time and with attention to progress (and not perfection). It is also important to note that you may be in more than one phase at the same time (i.e. saving for retirement while looking to more proactively manage your monthly cash flow and put the proper legal paperwork in place).

Taking the time to understand where you are on the The Financial Health Spectrum™ and your respective level of financial health may well be one of the most productive things you can do to stand powerfully and begin to allow abundance into your life – are you ready to do what it takes to shift your financial energy and create the life of your dreams?

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