Welcome to a new Life Igniting feature: Gastro-traveler.

This site is all about how to ignite your life, get off the hamster wheel and create total freedom. So why a food feature?

Because food is what sustains us. Literally.

And for me, food is a central part of who I am. When I’m cooking and eating, I am connecting with my authentic self. I’m living an ignited life.

Food doesn’t just sustain our cells, it sustains our spirit, feeds our sense of adventure and connects us with one another. All the things essential to living an ignited life.

Food has played a central part of my life from an early age. Whether learning to cook at my mother’s side or making my first pan of lemon bars at school, food has been an expression of love.

Food touches all our senses and thus has the ability to transport us back in time. When I see lemon bars I am transported to that moment I first shared my favorite dessert with my family. When I make my mother’s stuffing each Thanksgiving, I find myself back in my mother’s kitchen, breaking toast into small pieces. When I feel the juice of a peach drip down my chin, I’m back again with my uncle exploring the mountains of northern Georgia.

The thing I love most about food, however, is it’s ability to take us around the world. As I left my mother’s kitchen, I discovered the the cuisine of other countries – from crepes to Mongolian beef and Thai steamed fish to dal makhani – food has transported me to other worlds. When I slurp a bowl of chorizo, potato and kale soup I am transported to a country – Portugal – which I’ve never visited. When I bite into a chocolate raspberry tart I revisit Paris.

Sometimes my cellular memory is so deep and significant I can taste foods I ate years ago. The pastry I ate in the park behind the Picasso museum in Paris in 1998, to the first date with my husband in 2002, to crispy pork bowl at a Thai restaurant in Toronto in 2017. It all makes for a loving and intimate relationship with not just food but my entire body and the world.

Join me as a Gastro-Traveler and  . . . celebrate the joy of food from around the world and our own backyards.

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