Root into your wellbeing.

Root for your wellbeing.

When exiting the hamster wheel, it’s good to tend your roots. Roots counterbalance the feeling of floating away like a balloon, of being lost that comes with transforming your life.

But let’s get practical, how do you establish roots while transforming your world?

I find the answer in sadhana. Sadhana is a sanskrit term that literally translates to “a means of accomplishing something.” In this case, we are accomplishing a life ignited, a meaningful life, a whole-hearted, brave, fulfilled life. A worthy accomplishment.

Anything can be sadhana. The way you eat, sit, stand, breathe, move your body, feed yourself, think, manage your energy, care for your skin, experience your emotions, spend your free time. It’s all sadhana.

Sadhana does not refer to a specific activity, but means you are using every action, thought and emotion as a tool for your wellbeing. Sadhana is an intentional practice – practicing your intention.

My Practice

I won’t tell you that I meditate at my altar every day. Drink green tea while watching the sun rise above the horizon every day. Practice yoga every day. Or live some ethereal Instagram life. I don’t.

But my sadhana is intentionally tucking such activities into the crevices of my life. I lodge them into my soul. I experiment with new practices. Some stick. Some don’t. Consistency may be overrated. Fullness and freedom are not.

What’s your sadhana?

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