I’m back.

Sort of.

Since stopping blogging and daily posting in our community, I’ve been wondering how to serve the space.

How can I provide value to those seeking freedom in a busy world?

And then there was the crisis – I really want to get off FB and all technology. And yet the thing that keeps me on is all of you.

So after weeks of letting it all simmer, and prompted by a powerful weekend in community, I’ve come up with a plan . . . because not posting or random posting no longer feels right.

Monday Motivations

So welcome to Monday Motivations: weekly prompts, inspirations, ponderings. . . . These posts will be different than most of my regular blog posts here. They will be short. Sweet. Direct. Thought provoking. Answer avoiding. Attempting poetic. Or not. Practical. Or not.

I have other Life Igniting events to serve you while I finish up Exiting The Hamster Wheel include:

  • I’m adding a book club – see our community events tab on Facebook.
  • I’m planning a virtual Desire Map workshop for our little tribe. What would happen if you chased your feelings instead of your feelings chasing you? Join the community to be the first to hear about this exciting event.
  • I also intend to seek support from guest Monday Motivators so I can feel free and vivacious. Reach out if you want to contribute.

So here it goes . . . deep inhale . . . exhale . . . go.


This Monday I’m thinking of rooting. It’s a word that came up a lot during our weekend Desire Map workshop.

  • Rooting is a foundation for freedom.
  • Rooting comes from ritual, authenticity, honesty and self-love.
  • Rooting comes when we align with nature.
  • Rooting goes beyond groundness, it’s deeper.
  • Rooting feeds our soul.
  • From our roots we play, create, and love unbounded.

What keeps me feeling rooted?

  • meditation
  • sacred texts
  • yoga
  • love
  • authentic connection

What helps you stay rooted?

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