From roots I rise.

Rise to the surface. Inhale.


Into the flow of life.

Soak in. Soak Up.

Simmer in the broth of sound, scents, and dreams.

February is the Perfect Month for Self-care

Following on the rooting in of January, I find myself soaking in the quiet of February.

I revisit tending to my body. It’s part vanity, part desire for vibrant longevity.

Dry brushing. Intermittent fasting. Epsom baths. Oils everywhere. Holistic dental care (it’s much more luxurious than it sounds). Mushroom elixirs. Morning yoga.

I soak in the sounds of music and a new instrument.

I haven’t played music since my youth when I strummed and picked at a guitar. Now I’m soaking myself in the sounds I make on a harmonium. Reach back to ancient times. Call forth the divine. Connect to others.

I try on my core desired feelings.






I read. I listen. I learn.

Fiction. Business. Self-help. Art history. Mythology.

(You can join me as our community discusses “Braving the Wilderness” on February 22nd).

I lead. I host retreats. I teach. I coach. I give back.

Desire Map. Change management. Yoga. Freedom. Exiting the hamster wheel.

It’s easy to skip across the surface of life. But when we skip, we miss out.

Instead soak in to life. Soaking is so much more fun and fulfilling.

I soak to ignite my life. To recharge. To live my purpose. To slow down. To let life seep in and feed my soul.

What are you letting soak in to your soul?

Join Me And Tend To Your Body

Want to join me in my health igniting practices? Here are the products and techniques I’m using and recommending to anyone desiring to feel vivacious, energized and healthy:

  • Four Sigmatic mushroom drinks feature immune boosting medicinal mushrooms in tasty coffees, cocoas and teas. Click here to get my favorite matcha and hot cocoa.
  • Isagenix health products have helped me transform my body and lose weight and inches with superfoods and intermittent fasting. Contact me for a free private consult and coaching session on how to get started. Did you know that intermittent fasting is the only proven way to release weight, keep it off and boost longevity?
  • Dry-brushing. I do this every morning while my shower water is heating up. It’s quick, easy and makes my skin feel soft and silky, even in the winter. Here’s a how-to video to watch.
  • Living Libations helps me take care of my skin and teeth with products I love to use and know are safe. I’m in love with everything they have. Click here to learn more and check out their monthly specials.
  • Native deodorant is the first natural, safe deodorant I have used that works. And that have the most divine scents. Click here to get your chemical-free pit care and receive a mini bar for free.

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